1 day trial brazing metal lesson in English or French

A soldering(brazing)silver metal lesson for beginners , max 2 persons for 3 hours a day. Lesson fee is ¥4,000 a day.

You can get a silver ring made by yourself at the end of the lesson.

My profile

I’m a Japanese craftsman of jewelry.

I take part in some famous handmade exhibitions in Kyoto, Kanto, and Tohoku regions on Saturdays and Sundays almost every week.

You know that most of events(exhibitions) are canceled this year because of covid19 . I’ve got a lot of damages but I have lucky time to teach lessons for foreign people living in Japan.

I was a student in Paris when I was young many many years ago ,but I have few opportunities to practice Franch here in Tokyo. Though I try to face challenges.